Cranberries have been long touted as a cure to UTIs.  But you would need A LOT of cranberry juice to get the adequate amount of sugar called D-Mannose that can help with preventing UTIs. Those who suffer from UTIs are always looking to find something that can prevent the pain with urination, lower abdomen discomfort and feeling of needing pee all the time. Prolonged use of antibiotics can cause resistance of bacteria for those with recurrent UTIs. So, we try not to use antibiotics unnecessarily to prevent resistance. Evidence based research shows D-Mannose helps those who suffer from recurrent E.coli bacterial urinary tract infections.

It appears that the sugar prevents some adhesion of the bacteria E.coli to the bladder lining.  This can potentially prevent UTIs.  Recommended dose for adults is approximately 2000 mg daily.  For the pediatric population, half of the adult dose at 1000 mg daily can be helpful to prevent recurrent UTIs.  It can be purchased over the counter and can be found at health food stores and Amazon. Various types of D-Mannose are available. It can be given with a pill or powder form. Stay tuned for The Drop Therapy’s recommended D-Mannose brands.

Research is still needed in children to study the effectiveness of D-Mannose and preventing UTIs.  But in our practice, many pediatric patients have used it and found improvement in the recurrence of their UTIs.  In a patient with uncomplicated recurrent urinary tract infections secondary to E.coli, D-Mannose is a worthwhile alternative to using antibiotics frequently.